A digital agency, but different

Anderson Lima

Anderson Lima

Sep 09, 2020

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How come it is not an agency? And what is the difference?

These are some questions we hear when we talk about Mars for the first time to clients, providers and even colleagues. Throughout this text, we will explain exactly what an agency is and why we don't consider ourselves one.

What is a digital agency?

An advertising agency is a group of professionals from different areas who work together to communicate for your brand. Copywriters, designers and programmers are some of those.

A digital agency seeks to bring the essence of a traditional agency to an online environment, prioritizing the use of digital media to communicate with its clients, giving up even a physical space for meetings.

Is Mars a digital agency?

Yes and no. The main point that differentiates Mars from an agency is our internal organization.

We are not a single company, but a collective of independent professionals working under the same name. This means that all the members are here because they believe in the project. In addition, our structure is totally horizontal: there is no traditional boss figure and everyone has an active voice in decisions, helping to build our future. This system also allows our team to work in an open and inclusive environment and allows flexible schedules and scalable demands, increasing productivity and also the quality of life of the professionals.

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How does this affect your relationship with Mars?

None of this impacts the service offered by Mars or your relationship as a client with us. Despite not having a centralized structure, we count on internal processes that guarantee the quality of the services offered, starting from the selection of the professionals that are part of the collective to the materials finalized and delivered to our clients. In addition, all of our clients have direct channels of contact with Mars, having at their disposal telephone, email, WhatsApp and social networks.

Come meet Mars! 🚀

Did you like our proposal? Let's build amazing things together! Send an email to hi@marscollective.co or a message to our WhatsApp or the form on our website and come see what we can do for your company.

Anderson Lima

Anderson Lima

A brazilian strategist working in digital media and planning. I help brands connect with their target audience by developing marketing strategies and managing ad campaigns.